Italian food

Italian food

Vino and Vino Italian food menu focuses on seasonal, fresh, genuine products sourced from local Italian producers and carefully selected in order to achieve a true evocation of Italian flavors.

Italy is divided in 20 regions as a result of centuries of foreign dominations. Each and every region had kept its individuality and personality also through its recipes and people habits in food. This has been made possible only by staying passionate about their own traditions and keeping their artisan procedures to create local products with a unique "taste of the past".

Therefore from North to South the range of products vary as the climate and the territorial characteristics. Cheeses from different milks (cow, ewe, goat, buffalo) are produced in different areas, so Gorgonzola and Robbiola comes from the green Alpi's fields of the North, while mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella come from the tender plain of the South; cured meats are produced using local breeds and many different parts of the animals to achieve variety (hams, mortadella, guanciale, bresaola, salame); fresh vegetable matured by the Mediterranean sun (aubergine, zucchini, artichoke, sundried tomatoes) are preserved in the most natural ways.

In Italy the most natural way to preserve is under oil. Olive oil is an essential component of Italian traditional recipes. One of its finest productions comes from Sicily and it is there that we have selected our extra virgin olive oil for you to eat or buy at our shop.

This family run farm has provided us with two types of the extra virgin olive oils: Delicato and Intenso. They are the results of the same olives pressed in two different moment of their maturity. The variety of olives used is called "Biancolella" and it is the same kind you can taste with the antipasti at lunch time. In order to produce the "delicato oil" they use the mature olives while the "Inteso oil" is the result of an earlier collection.

From the same farm comes one of the Sicilian specialties that we offer on our menu. This extremely testy caponata is homemade and jarred in a limited amount every year. And it can be bought from our shop.